Marsden Maritime offices

A long standing driver of the Northland economy.

Previously Northland Port Corporation (NZ) Ltd, Marsden Maritime Holdings has shares in Marsden area businesses, including Northport.

With over 150ha of prime commercial property available immediately behind Northland’s deep water port and transport infrastructure, Marsden Maritime Holdings is a key driver in Northland’s growing economy. As a holdings company, our vision is to enable Northport’s growth and actively invest in business ecosystems and infrastructure to transform Northland’s economy.

Marsden Maritime Holdings is dedicated to transforming Northland’s economy by offering tailored commercial and industrial land for lease to growing businesses.

Formed as a result of the Port Companies Act 1988, the Northland Harbour Board was required to incorporate as Northland Port Corporation (NZ) Ltd to run commercial port related assets. In 2014 the corporation changed its name to Marsden Maritime Holdings. Based in Marsden Point, Northland, the company has share holdings in a number of business activities in the Greater Marsden Area, including the port operator, Northport Ltd.

In 1992 the company was publicly listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Northland Regional Council now holds 53.6% of the share capital, whilst Ports of Auckland Ltd holds 19.9%. The balance of shares are held by members of the public. The development of the new cargo terminal at Marsden Point – a 50/50 joint venture with Port of Tauranga – saw a new associate company formed in August 2000, Northport Ltd.

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