Marsden Maritime Holdings Land

Marsden Point infrastructure and facilities allow your business to grow.

Easy access to surrounding heavy infrastructure, only 90 minutes from Auckland.

As one of the fastest growing commercial, industrial and residential areas in New Zealand, the greater Marsden Point area is equipped with commercial, transport and port infrastructure to facilitate further development. Marsden Point is a key growth area in the Upper North Island and as such is well connected to the rest of the country.

Marsden Maritime tractor and boat transport


Marsden Point is connected to Auckland, Northland and the rest of New Zealand via the State Highway Network (SH1 and SH15). State Highway 15 was purpose-built to facilitate the growth of the Marsden area and provide a reliable, quick roading connection to State Highway 1 for access to all New Zealand markets.

North Port


To reduce roading congestion and traffic, rail infrastructure plays a key role in planning for future growth at Marsden Point. A rejuvenation of the Northland rail system is currently underway, involving a range of track upgrades and bridge replacements with the primary purpose of transporting freight more efficiently between Northland, Auckland and on to the rest of the country. In January 2020 the Government announced the purchase of land for a rail arm extension connecting the main trunk line at Oakleigh with Marsden Point. The development will further cement Marsden Point as a key arm in the Upper North Island Supply Chain.

North Port


Northport is located adjacent to Marsden Maritime Holdings’ land for lease. Boasting a natural deep water port with a minimum low water depth of 13metres, Northport is one of the key infrastructure facilitators of growth in the Marsden and greater Northland regions.

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North Port

Renewable Energy

Approximately 80% of electricity to the Marsden Point Area is sourced from renewable sources including hydro and geothermal. 220kv electricity reticulation lines supply Marsden Point from the national grid before being distributed via 11kv and 400v lines. An upgrade to geothermal electricity generation at Ngawha will triple its output to up to 75MW by late 2020 allowing for an additional renewable energy source for Northland.

Shipping Container North Port


Marsden Point has high speed fibre connectivity, delivering bandwidth and reliability via the Hawaiki Data Cable. The cable comes ashore just south of Marsden Point at Mangawhai, enabling high speed connectivity between New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and the U.S.